Carpet Cleaning Keilor Park

Carpet Cleaning Keilor

Carpet Steam Cleaning Keilor – We Clean All Kinds of Carpets

For carpet cleaning Keilor, or even carpet steam cleaning Keilor Park, the cleaning services company, Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning has accomplished carpet cleaners on board. And if you are looking for a steam cleaning of sorts as part of a spring cleaning, or end of lease cleaning, in your Keilor Lodge residence, then you should just reach out to us.

For all our carpet cleaning or even steam cleaning services in Keilor, we have devised a couple packages that are complete, pocket-friendly, and cheap too. And we extend our services to both residential and commercial clientele.

Our cleaning services package related to carpets include, the basic affordable cleaning package that includes a pre-inspection of the carpet area in your Keilor Park home or office, and then it is followed by a quick spray of the carpet area and then a carpet steam cleaning is carried out by our cleaners and then it is deodorized and sanitized.

Carpet Cleaning Keilor Park

We also have a healthy home package that is perfect for your Keilor Park residence which includes a round of pre-inspection, checking out the state of the carpet and what level of cleaning is required and then there is a vacuuming carried out, followed by a spot treatment to eliminate stains and then a hot water steam cleaning of the carpet is carried out.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Keilo also offers another carpet cleaning service that is a premium package and this is good for any Keilor Lodge homes who have pets and as part of this cleaning, our cleaners help eliminate pet odour and the same routine is followed as in a pre-inspection, a vacuuming, a special stain removal process, pet odour elimination and also a flea treatment so there is no residue in the carpets. This is followed by a pre-spraying of the carpet areas followed by a steam cleaning and then a deodorizing and sanitizing is offered as a complimentary service.

Having understood the different carpet cleaning packages that we have carefully devised for our customers’ and the services entailed in it and not to miss it is cheap and affordable. If ever you want to touch base with us, email us on or speak to us on our toll-free number +61-404598645.